Scented Candle 150 ml. Time for Lyse Nætter®

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28 hours burning time.

An expression used to describe nights where the Sun never dips below 18 degrees over the horizon, causing an unusually translucent “darkness”. This is usually experienced between early May to mid August in Denmark.

This fragrance was developed using erica, burnet roses and birch to capture the light-heartedness of a long summer night.

The candles are filled in laboratory glasses, which can later be used as eg measuring cups in the kitchen. They not only spread a fantastic fragrance, but also give your home a cool touch with its industrial look.

The burning time of the candle is about 28 hours

Never let a candle burn without supervision!

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Table of Contents Scented candles:

Scented candle made of soy extracts and paraffin. The wick is made of organic cotton.

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