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About Danmarks Dufte

Danmarks Dufte, which means Denmarks Fragrances, was founded in 2018 by Silke Pedersen. As founder, Silke developed an idea for feel-good products and, in co-operation with a Danish cosmetic producer, began conceptualizing, creating and developing products.

These products are all inspired by the Danish nature and lifestyle.

The focal point, as the name implies, are the fragrances

Our store in Blåvand

You can find our store  right in the heart of Blåvand, Blåvandvej 25. Come and visit our scented universe, where you can try all our products. A multisensory experience.

We are open almost every day of the year.

You can find our opening hours on Facebook and

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Our scents

billede til blæst og bølger

Time for Blæst&Bølger

Blæst [ˈblεsd]  & Bølger  [ˈbøljər].

Wind & Waves – Blaest og Boelger lets you experience the unique scents and feeling of taking a stroll along the Danish North Sea beaches.

Wake your inner spirits with this fragrance with notes of fresh elderflower and birch.

This special fragrant composition is 100% unisex. Sharing? No problem.


Time for Hygge

Hygge [ˈhʏgə].

Hygge is, put simply, a feeling of comfort, cosiness, and contentment shared with one another. Realistically, however,

all you need to experience Hygge is your self. What matters is enjoying the moment and letting go of your everyday stresses.

This scent, “Time for Hygge”, is designed for this purpose.

Warm notes of caramel and birch bark with a pinch of musk for the romantic in you, help you forget your everyday worries and let you indulge in the moment.


Time for Lyse Nætter

Lyse [ˈlyːsə] Nætter  [ˈnεdʌ].

Light Nights – An expression used to describe nights where the Sun never dips below 18 degrees over the horizon, causing an unusually translucent “darkness”. This is usually experienced between early May to mid August in Denmark.

This fragrance was developed using erica, burnet roses and birch to capture the light-heartedness of a long summer night


Time for Åbne Vidder

Åbne [ˈɔːbnə] Vidder [ˈviˀdə].

Characteristic of West Jutland‘s magnificent nature is the North Sea. Endless beaches and impressive sand dunes concealing wide open plains.

Our fragrance is soft, fresh and intense like those plains.

With notes of orange fruits of the seabuckthorn.



Bøgen [ˈbøˀjn] Springer [ˈsbʁεŋʌ] Ud [ˈuðˀ].

The beach tree dominates the danish forests and even appears in the national anthem. “There is a lovely country, it stands with broad beech trees.” This is how the Danish national anthem begins, an example of how we Danes associate beech trees with our country.

Our scent is like a walk through a beech forest in spring.

Green trees, fresh green grass and lily of the valley recreate the scent of the light green beech forests.


Time for Elverhøj

Elverhøj [ˈεlvʌ hʌjˀ].

Danish folktales tell of the fairy folk who would spend their time dancing around burial mounds after sunset. This happens particularly in the harvesting periods, when the burial mounds ‘stand on glowing pillars’.

We have created an enchanting fragrance that combines the scents of red apples, blackcurrant and ivy to capture this magic.

time for champagnekys

Time for Champagnekys

Champagne [ɕɑmˈpanjə] kys [ˈkøs]

Experience the luxurious embrace of our latest fragrance, capturing the essence of a nice holiday with the cozy comfort of a lazy day in bed.

Sparkling champagne mingles with delicate floral notes of violet, rose, and lilac, evoking the freshness of laundered linen. Warm hints of amber and vanilla envelop you in a tender embrace, reminiscent of the soothing warmth of clean skin. Immerse yourself in this captivating scent and indulge in the luxury of “Time for Champagnekys”.

our products

Carefully selected ingredients

All the ingredients for our body care products are selected with utmost care. Among other things.

Clean and organic oils from almonds, olives and sunflower seeds provide plenty of vitamin E and antioxidants. The skin gets plenty of moisture, is rebuilt and more elastic.

The lotions have a silky soft texture and penetrate the skin quickly. Hand and body wash is mild, cleans effectively with a soft foam, but does not dry out the skin. We use no parabens or artificial colors!


You and your skin deserve to look good, smell good and feel good!

Our fragrant products are not only of unique ingredients, they are also packed with the idea of ​​sustainability.

All bottles are PET bottles with pump system that can be refilled several times.

Our scented candles come in small glasses, which can later be used as measuring cups in the kitchen.

Denmark’s Fragrances – Crafted, created, composed and developed in Denmark.

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